Casino online: some more facts about it

Online casino for US players is a young sphere of entertainment. One of its great advantages seems to be a possibility to welcome more visitors than a land-based one can accept. USA players got involved into gambling online in 1995-1996. At those times owners of gambling portals had not such gigantic traffic as nowadays. One of the main reasons for that was a lack of trust because not many players knew this kind of gambling. Besides there was no opportunity to learn the rules of games and there were only few systems for money transferring.

Now all these defects are left behind. Approximately in 1999 the online casino industry reached the level of our times.

Many gambling sites have got to the tops they could not even dream about. Today they are represented as a profitable business with its average capital turnover counted in billions of dollars. In Europe as well as in Russia gambling is illegal but online casino is free to visit. The only term is that the server must be situated outside Russian borders.

As for online casino for US citizens things appear to be much more complicated. Since specialized web-sites picked up a great number of visitors to accept, US players decided to forget about the capital of gambling business – Las Vegas and it was quite reasonable. Isn’t it much more convenient to visit casinos accepting us, players, online so that we should not leave our apartments winning (or losing sometimes, of course) real money? The Government of the US paused in a deep thought concerned by this question. And the solution was quick to come. A law was adopted prohibiting online casinos accepting US players with their money. In fact there was no taboo to play but getting an account in casino became a great problem.

Of course, there existed a possibility to transfer money involving other countries but American people are law-abiding as a rule so only few of them used this scheme. So American players asked themselves: how can we find any online casino which will accept us, players from North America, if we’ve got troubles with our banks? Soon a number of online casinos began accept USA players (, for example). continued to exit and it has come to stay as a desire to try one’s fortune proved to be stronger than any taboos and laws.