Beginners guide for choosing the best bingo site

Online bingo phenomenon has become so incredibly popular over the past decade that almost everyday we hear launch of a new bingo site. With the existence of hundreds of such sites, choosing the best one can get daunting. Surely there are review sites that tell you about the sizzling, tantalizing promotions and offers, and gives you a low-down of different sites to help you make a sound choice. Thankfully, review sites do not provide hyped up information, however, sometimes they are not enough to ascertain which bingo site is the best. Sometimes our judgment gets clouded with player reviews which may be overrated or underrated at times.

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What must beginners look out for?

For beginners it gets all the more challenging to distinguish a good bingo site from bad. Joining a good bingo site is essential not only because they’ll safeguard your information and are reliable, but also because you should be able to reap out benefits. Watch out for sites that are scrupulous and are in the industry to make quick money. So make sure, you read the reviews of a bingo site before making any hasty decision. More the reviews the site has, more credible it is. Also it is essential to check whether the site is duly registered.

Additional features of a great bingo site

Online bingo is easier on our pockets. Whilst land-based ones are not as economical, many players today are drawn to the virtual world of bingo. One can look out for some great offers like bonuses, promotions, free games which obviously one cannot find in any bingo halls. Below listed are few features which is a must have in a bingo site you go for:

Free Bingo– Everybody loves something for free. So why not a free game of bingo? Many sites today offer free plays. In fact beginners can get tad of practice along the way. Sometimes sites give free money with free bingo which is perhaps the best way to incentivise players.

Joining Bonuses– Most of the bingo sites have little something for the fresh faces. First deposit bonus or Welcome Bonus is the most popular among them all. You deposit as little as £10 and get double your investment. There are sites like New Look Bingo that gives players a whopping 900% Bonus on first three deposits.

No Deposit Bonus– Far-fetched as it may sound, a lot many bingo sites offer no deposit bonus to new players. So you don’t spend a penny and play for free .

Chat Rooms– Chat rooms are perhaps the cornerstone of a bingo site. What makes online bingo so much popular is that you can chat with hundreds of players at the same time under one common platform. Players can natter and share a good laugh, which really helps to unwind. Player reviews on chat rooms will help you know whether a chat room is good or not.

Secure Payments– Needn’t be mentioned, why is this a must have in the list. Investing with a secure merchant is indispensable. A scam free website is all one needs to make a game of bingo an enjoyable one.

There are mountains good of bingo sites around aimed to make bingo fun and entertaining. For a newcomer, understanding the variations of bingo game is also essential. And before signing up, read the terms and conditions beforehand and always bear in mind, bingo is a game of luck. There are no skills involved. However, smart play will help you in getting a step closer to victory.

8 fundamental advices for poker players

The way to the top isn’t without bumps in the road. To become a great poker player, challenges must me accepted, concentration must be embraced and eyes must be trained. The path will surely have its share of difficulties and that’s where the true spirit of the poker player raises. To try to combat this feeling of helplessness, we have for you 8 fundamental advices for poker players.

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1. Learn to fold

Probably the most common mistake among the least skilled poker players. I cant count the times I head poker players say “I came to play poker, and I’ll bet” to see them a while later with an empty ballet and a frustrated grimace all over their face. The most basic formula of poker every pro takes into account is the following: More play = More lose. In other words, playing little is the smart way to go.

2. Scotch on the rocks is a no go

Scotch on the rocks is a no go If you have a soft spot for alcohol, we seriously recommend to avoid drinks. If don’t, you can have a drink to loosen up. The problem with drinks is that they detract your concentration, and then comes doom. Just remember how many times you saw a drunk poker player with a table full of chips.

3. Bluffs are a double edged sword

Many beginners think bluff is a fundamental part of poker. There are no rules to bluff successfully, even if there are players who do not enjoy the poker if not at least throw a bluff. Admittedly, the pleasure of bluffing without the strongest hand gives much pleasure. Bluff if necessary and always remember bluffs are a double edged sword, wield it with moderation.

4. Brave VS Plain Silly

It is incredibly wise to know when to retire. If you have a weak hand and you have chips in the pot, consider folding. There is no shame in loosing a little money. Pride is a hideous monster, don’t let it bite you. If there is no chance for the win, try again later.

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6. Playing angry wont help

Playing poker to forget a bad day is not the best choice. Exitment, bad memories, a crappy experience at your job can all take your mind out of the game. This shows a lot in poker and other players may notice your emotional state and take advantage of it. Don’t give them the pleasure.

7. Fear of the impending action

This is one of the most essential poker advices we can give you. Take your time while choosing your next move, at least 10 seconds. Study the possibilities and different courses of action. Poker is a fast game, but being a fast player won’t help you or make you look cool, it will just give you an empty wallet.

8. Keep your friends close, keep your rivals closer

Always pay attention to what other players are doing. Weaknesses and small gestures can give you an interesting panorama on what the other player is about to do. The art of poker tell(ing) is one that takes time to master, but with practice you may improve your chances of doing an adequate read.

What’s The Difference Between 75 and 90 Ball Bingo

Whats The Difference Between 75 and 90 Ball Bingo img 2

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the difference between 75 ball and 90 ball bingo?”? Well, if you have then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through how and why you play – and what the advantages are – of each.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino

We wanted to drive the boat but the stripey-shirt guy in the weird hat was being an asshole that day.

Walking into the Venetian is like entering another country – Venice, Italy, to be exact. The hotel takes the theme to the extreme, complete with frescos on the ceiling, plenty of good Italian eats, and a gondola-littered canal winding through the shopping district.  While the fact that the canal is actually built on top of the casino floor may seem eerie, you’ll quickly forget the gallons of water raging above your head once you start gambling.

Although there are plenty of old-timers here, the recent addition of TAO Beach and the Tao Nightclub thankfully brings a plethora of hot singles to the casino.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino img 2

Sweet Suites and Renowned Dining

The Venetian is all suites, all the time. The Venezia Tower offers newer accommodations, but the navigation challenges to get to the main area of the resort can make this area tough, especially after a night of partying.

The Venetian Tower offers five different room categories that range from the ultra posh to TVs in the bathroom. Jackpot!  The top five floors include concierge suites with private check-in and turn down service – which is perfect if you scored big during your last trip to Vegas.

Dining is delicious at the Venetian, with no less than 11 fine dining establishments featuring chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Emeril. It shouldn’t be a surprise that many of these joints have received an “excellent” rating.

TAO: The Venetian’s Saving Grace for Entertainment

For partying, we need to mention only three letters: TAO.

During the day, TAO Beach is one of the hippest places to party on Sunday, rivaling Hard Rock’s Rehab.  If you want to mix a bit more classiness with a great DJ accompanied by a percussionist, fantastic Tao-Tini pitchers, and hot eye candy, TAO Beach is the perfect daytime destination.   We were a little disappointed to find a lack of gaming poolside, however, since many hotels are now offering that service to us diehards.

Of course, the opening of the Tao Nightclub brought in the hipsters to tone down the stuffiness of the Venetian.  The crowd is generally attractive, especially on the rooftop, and you can easily rub elbows with celebrities like Lebron James and Rhianna who are known to frequent the club.  Find a promoter or book a table to avoid the long line, and then you can simply enjoy the beautiful people (did we mention the girls that bath together in the nude wearing nothing but flower petals?) and the good vibe.

And when you feel like a bit of culture, the Venetian favorite, Phantom of the Opera, is the most critically acclaimed show on the Strip.

This hotel is big, bold and beautiful. Even if you don’t sleep here, it’s definitely a spot to check out, whether you party at TAO or lose a few bucks at the tables.

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Win More with Basic Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is an interesting casino game for many people because of the fact that it includes strategies that when followed, actually increase the player’s chance of winning.  Unlike baccarat or other games where the player can’t interact with the dealer or other players, a blackjack player that is smart and alert can actually reduce the innate advantage that the house has just by looking at the cards on the table and adjusting his or her play by using five simple strategies.

The first of these five strategies has to do with hitting and standing.  The most important thing that a blackjack player can do is look at the exposed cards on the table.  Of these cards, the most important card to notice is the dealer’s exposed card.  While other players’ cards can affect what gets drawn later in the game, a player is only competing against the dealer.  This means that a player should evaluate his cards and how they stack up against the dealer’s card.  Hitting and standing are dictated by determining the odds of whether the dealer is likely to beat the player given the cards in his hand.

Win More with Basic Blackjack Strategies img 2

The second strategy involves what is called a “soft hand”.  This occurs whenever a player is dealt an ace because it can be counted either as a one or an eleven.  This flexibility reduces the risk to the player and allows him to be more aggressive with his betting.  A player whose first card is an ace should always stand if the other card is an 8, 9 or 10, and should always hit if it is anything between a 2 and 6.  If the second card is a seven, the player should decide what to do by looking at the exposed card of the dealer and only hitting if that card is a 9, 10 or ace.  This approach minimizes the number of winners that the dealer can have.

The third blackjack strategy involves “doubling down”.  Doubling down has to do with placing a second bet and this aggressive strategy is the best way for a player to reduce the advantage of the house.  Rules in casinos vary regarding which hands a player can double down on, but for hard hands, (hands that do not include an ace) a player should:

1. Never double down  when holding a 8 or 12, regardless of the dealer’s exposed card
2. Double down 11, except when the dealer has an ace
3. Double down 10, unless the dealer has a 10 or ace exposed
4. Double down 9, unless the dealer is showing 7 or higher

These determinations increase the odds of winning a larger pot and minimize the risks.

The fourth strategy involves insurance.  This is typically offered, and printed on the mat of the table, when the dealer’s exposed card is an ace.  Insurance normally pays 2 to 1 if the dealer’s hole card has a value of 10, giving the dealer 21.  The reason for insurance lies in the fact that in a fresh deck, a dealer that turns up an ace has a nearly 30% chance to hit 21 with his hole card.  Percentages vary when the house is using multiple decks of cards or other players have exposed tens or face cards, but the strategy can help a player offset a loss when the dealer draws an ace.

The final strategy involves splitting hands.  In blackjack, a player who draws a pair can split it and play two hands.  This technique is important because it maximizes his odds of winner; in fact, some experts believe that in order to win at blackjack, a player must split pairs.  Rules vary on splitting, but the general rule to follow is to never split tens or fives, and to always split aces and eights.  There are varying approaches for the other pairs, but splitting pairs is one of the easiest strategies in blackjack and if used correctly, one of the best for improving a player’s odds of winning.

Blackjack is an exciting casino game and one of the most popular both in casinos and online.  These basic blackjack strategies involve patience and memorization, but the results can be impressive.  When a player understands how to improve his odds, he will have more confidence in his game and more success at the blackjack table.

Play Blackjack Online Now – For Free or Real – at Bodog Casino >

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Play Casino Online and Pay the deposite by Bitcoin

After suffering a few kinks this year (due to the closure of prominent online exchanges like Mt. Gox), Bitcoin has managed to rise back to fighting form once more. The most prominent cryptocurrency in the world today is drastically changing the way people do financial transactions this year, and nothing- not even huge setbacks like the Mt. Gox fiasco- is going to stop it.

While Bitcoin has already proven its worth in e-commerce, the use of the cryptocurrency in gambling is a bit of a grey area due to the various legalities and security issues involved. Every week there seems to be a new bitcoin-centered gambling site that pops up and a few others that close down.

If you really want to get started on the world of bitcoin gambling, here are some of the sites that have made their mark in the industry, and have already proven their trustworthiness over the past couple of years.

Top Three Online Bitcoin Gambling Sites for 2014 img 2

Satoshi Dice

Satoshi Dice is considered as one of the pioneering bitcoin gambling sites on the web. It was opened way back in July 2012, back when bitcoin was merely a blimp on the cryptocurrency radar. Today, it stands as the largest bitcoin-only gaming service on the Internet, processing thousands of bitcoin bets per day.

There are no fancy casino games here- no dice, no cards, and no spinning reels. Players will just choose their preferred betting odds from a betting table, send over their bets (in bitcoins) to the specified address, and wait for the system to determine if it’s a win or lose. If you lose, your original bet is returned to you minus a cut; if you win, the bet is returned and increased by the multiplier stated on the betting table.


Hot on the heels of chance-based games such as Satoshi Dice, Bitcoin has also ventured into the world of sports betting. CloudBet is currently the largest online Bitcoin-only sportsbook by virtue of it being the first in the market to accept bitcoins for bets. One of the main selling points of this site is that there are literally thousands of games from different sports that you can bet on- there’s football, basketball, American football, golf, snooker, and even volleyball and handball. Another great plus would be the site’s comprehensive loyalty and rewards program. Every single bet placed on any game, at any price, will receive corresponding loyalty points which can be redeemed for rewards later on. For first time players, their first deposit on the site will be doubled by CloudBet up to a maximum of five bitcoins.


WinPoker, a subsidiary of the popular iPoker network (Paddy Power, Betfair, Bet365, M88, 188BET) made waves last year when it became the first major online gambling outfit to accept Bitcoins. The WinPoker system instantly converts users bitcoins into a chosen currency when they deposit on the site. The Bitcoin deposit option is a welcome addition; the only problem is that a layer of anonymity is stripped off since users are still required to pass identifying documents to the site when they sign up.

How to win Slot Games in Casino Online?

Probably you have heard that the game of slots is all but a game of chance. Whereas, you must be lucky to hit the jackpot, having the right tips definitely helps. In this article, we explore some slots tips to use when playing at casinos. Read on…..

The way for winning Slots Tips img 2

• Learn the rules

This is perhaps the most important slot tip. Rules will inform you on the best way to play. Never play without learning casino slots rules. If you do this, like a fool you will soon be parted with your money.

• Opt for progressive slots

If you want to hit a big jackpot, progressive slots should be your game. To play this game, you need to have maximum coins.

• Understand the slot machine

The days where the machines were three reeled; one pay line machines are all gone, and forgotten. The modern day casino has many choices of machines you can select on. If are new to the game, never rush to play before understanding how the machine functions.

• Practice slots

Practice, and more practice will definitely refine your game as you internalize the rules, become composed, and know when to play and not to play. You can practice playing the game of slots free of charge in the many online casinos available.

• Know when to play slots

The game of slots should only be played when you are sober. Never ride on the myth that taking booze makes you lucky. Avoiding playing slots also when you are stressed, tired, or feeling sick. For maximum enjoyment of the game, you need to be at your best of shapes.

• Switch slots machines

Remember that this is a game of chance, and numbers are generated randomly. The winning number is simply determined by random number generator. If you are a regular slots player, you reckon that there are machines that are “hot” and “cold”. This means that some machines having winning combination while others are “mean”. With this fact, never stick to a single machine sample your luck around, you never know when lady luck will smile at you.

• Don’t throw your money

Remember that the main reason for playing slots is to enable you have fun, and you can never have fun if you are on a losing streak. Before you play slots both online and offline, estimate how much money you are willing to lose. You definitely don’t want to feel robbed after playing several rounds.

• Be cool

If you are on a winning streak, be calm and collected; don’t tell the whole world about it. Nobody is interested; they came there to win not to see you winning. It is imperative to note that it is a known fact that casinos abhors “shady “characters- you definitely don’t want to announce your winnings to them. I need not tell you of the consequences.

• Always carry identification documents

You never know when you will hit the jackpot. Many casinos will only give you money if you have the right identification documents. If your win more than $1200, you will be required to fill tax forms as required by law.

• Remember to cash out

Never forget to cash out. Take your coins at the end of the round from the tray or the voucher ticket. Do this immediately the game is over, it will definitely give you a nice feeling at the end of the game. That feeling of victory will definitely give you the impetus to come back.

Finally, remember to have fun. It is sole reason for going to a casino after all. You can find further information on our slots guide for beginners.

The Rules & Basics of Texas Hold Em, the World’s Most Popular Poker Game

Texas Hold’em is a community card game, meaning that some cards are shared by all players and dealt face up in the middle of the table. But long before that, each player is dealt two pocket or hole cards that they use along with the five community cards in order to make the best possible five-card poker hand. Sounds easy, don’t it. And it is. Here’s how it works:

How to Play Texas Holdem Poker img 2

The Dealer Button

The player who is dealt last is regarded as the dealer and as such is marked with a dealer button. At the end of the hand the button is passed clockwise to the next player.

The Blinds – Small Blind and Big Blind

Virtually every game of poker begins with some form of betting. This is to ensure that there is action with every hand. Hold’em is played with two blinds, which amount to two forced bets before the pocket cards are dealt. The two players to the left of the dealer start by placing blind bets. The small blind is posted by the first player and the big blind is posted by the second. The big blind is always the minimum bet at the table and the small blind is half that amount.

The Betting

During a betting round, each player in turn initiates one of the following actions:

There. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

Now let’s move on to the first round:

The Pre Flop, Dealing the Cards

After the blind bets are placed, the dealer gives out two cards to each player. The dealer deals clockwise, starting with the position immediately to the left of the dealer button (on the small blind). The two cards are called “hole cards” or “pocket cards”.

Afterwards, players determine whether they would like to make a bet. The player immediately to the left of the big blind starts the betting. In the first round you cannot “Check” because of the forced bets already made by the blinds; but, you can do any of the following: Bet, Call, Raise or Fold. All players are required to put the same amount in in order for the game to continue. So if one player raises, the other players must either call or re-raise, or fold.

Second Round – The Flop

The Dealer turns three cards face up on the table. This is called the flop. These are community cards that are used in combination with the two hole cards held by each player.

We now begin the second round of betting. The first player to the left of the dealer starts the 2nd round of betting action by either checking or betting. The following players must take one of these actions: call, raise or fold.

Again, all players must put the same amount into the pot, or fold before the round has ended. The same rules apply for both the betting and the raising in each round from now on.

Third Round – The Turn

The dealer lays down the fourth community card, known as the turn. Another round of betting takes place.

Final Round – The River

The fifth and last community card on the table is displayed, known as the river card. A final round of betting ensues. At this point, if all but one player folds, the last player remaining wins the pot. This player will not be required to show his cards.

The Showdown

The showdown involves two or more remaining players after the final round of betting. Each player will have formed the best possible five-card hand using any combination their two hole cards and the five community cards on the table. Beginning with the last person to bet/raise, each player either reveals his hole cards or mucks his hand (folds) in clockwise order. The player whose cards form the best poker hand wins the pot.

That’s all there is to it. A very simple game on the surface; but, one that can take a lifetime to master. Be strong, play hard, have fun.

Click here now to play Texas Hold’em at PokerStars, the #1 online poker site >

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The Rules & Basics of 7-Card Stud, the World’s Favorite Home Game

7 Card Stud Poker showed up on the cultural radar screen sometime around the time of the American Civil War and was the most popular poker game played in the United States until Texas Holdem overtook Stud Poker, although it probably remains today the number one favorite home game, played by longtime poker pals and blue-haired grannies alike. It’s a simple game to play, and we’re going to walk you through it right now.

How to Play Seven Card Stud Poker img 2

First, we’re going to ante up. Ya all gotta pay to play. This simply means all players contribute a small bet in order to help build the pot.

Next, each player is dealt two cards facedown, then one face-up card. After this, the first betting round occurs, beginning with the bring-in.

The player with the lowest showing card must post the “bring-in,” an initial bet of usually half the smaller stake amount. The bring-in player has the option to increase this bet to the full small stake.

The stakes are simply a number to determine the bet and raise amount for each round of betting. The lower number is used for the first two rounds, and the higher number for the last three.

So, using a $2/$4 stakes example, in the first two rounds of betting, both the bet and the raise must be $2. The last three rounds have a bet/raise amount of $4.

So on the “bring in,” either $1 half minimum bet or if the player chooses, a $2 full bet are necessary in order to start the game. The rest of the players, in clockwise order, either call the opening bet, or raise it till everyone has either bet or folded out.

If two players are showing the same low card, suit rankings determine the weakest card and are, from strongest to weakest: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs.

Okay, we got that out of the way. It gets easier from here on in. Promise.

Players are dealt a fourth card face up, called “Third Street,” followed by another round of $2 betting. From this point on, the player with the highest up card is always first to check or bet. If a pair is showing, that player has the option of doubling the bet amount ($4), and raising the stake for this betting round. Otherwise, Third Street bets and raises are limited to the small stake.

Moving on, another face-up card is dealt to each player, called “Fourth Street,” and high hand again opens the betting round. Remember, for these last three rounds, the bet amount is now the higher stake ($4).

The fourth face-up card is dealt to each player, called “Fifth Street,” and, because you are smart, you know the high hand opens the betting round.

The River: The final card is dealt to each player face down, called “The River,” making a total of seven cards. Now the final betting round begins, and as before, the highest showing hand starts the betting. The river bets are still limited to the upper stake.

If all eight players are still in the game by the river – 7 cards times 8 players equal more cards than are in the deck (unless you happen to be playing with my cousin Vinnie) – the dealer will flip over a single community card in the middle of the table, for all the players to use.

The best five-card hand takes the pot. And we sincerely hope that is you. Good luck and keep grinning.

By the way, Bodog and Absolute Poker offer great 7 Card Stud games for beginners.

7 Stud Hi/Lo Rules

This game is played the same as conventional 7 Card Stud. Each player is dealt two facedown “hole” cards and a faceup card. The dealer then deals to each player in turn three more faceup cards, and one more facedown card. The highest and lowest hand split the pot.

A hand will qualify as a low hand if it does not have any card higher than an 8. Because Aces count both as a high card and as a low card, the best possible low hand is A-2-3-4-5. Straights or flushes are disregarded.

To determine the best low hand, the highest low card is used. If two players share the same high card, then the next lowest card is used, and on down the line.

If there are no hands qualifying as a low hand – in other words every hand holds a card higher than an 8 – the highest hand will take the whole pot.

The highest hand is determined by standard hand rankings and can be viewed on our Poker Hand Rankings page.

That’s it, good luck.

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Rules of Omaha

Omaha is a Holdem game that has a lot in common with its cousin from Texas in that when playing these games players are dealt hole cards that they can use in combination with the community cards laid face up on the table in order to come up with the best possible hand.

The major differences between the two games are how many hole cards you are dealt, and how you are allowed use these cards. In Texas Holdem, you can use any combination of the two hole cards and the community cards any damn way you please; but in Omaha you are dealt four hole cards and in making your hand you must use two of your hole cards (and only two) and three of the community cards. Whew, that took a lot of wind.

How to Play Omaha Holdem Poker IMG 2

Begin Play

Players are dealt four cards face down. After the initial deal takes place, the first round of betting begins. The player to the left of the dealer represents the small blind, and the player to the left of him represents the big blind. Each player gets a turn to call, raise, or fold. At this point, if you are the big blind, you get to check.

Once the initial betting is done, the dealer then deals the flop—the first three community cards—face up on the table. More betting ensues.

Then the fourth community card, the turn, is dealt face up on the table. Yet another round of betting is carried out. (You got the hang of this by now, right?)

Then – ta da – comes the fifth and final community card, the river. These five cards can be used with the player’s four hole cards to make the best hand and determine a winner. Remember, y’all, to make a hand, the player must use only two of his four hole cards along with any of the community cards to make the best five-card hand.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi/Lo is played exactly the same as Omaha with one difference: the player holding the highest hand splits the pot with the player holding the lowest hand. So, to win the whole pot, you have to hold the highest and the lowest hand.

Omaha is known as an action style game that creates big pots. More players stay in to see the flop than in Texas Holdem and winning hands at showdown are typically flushes, straights, and full houses, like that, for the simple reason that there are more cards dealt. Top Pair or two pair may rule in Holdem, but in Omaha they are not even enough to get excited over.

You should try Omaha. JoeCasino thinks you will like this game.