four fun themes for an office party

People with full time jobs spend the majority of their waking hours at work. The occasional office party gives employees a chance to relax and socialize with those they see on a regular basis. The tone of the party should be professional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Choosing a theme for the party can really help the planning come together.

Spa Theme

If the environment of the workplace is usually high-stress and high-powered, a spa-themed party gives staff a way to really unwind. Hire two or three massage therapists for the event, as a well as aestheticians to provide rejuvenating facials to employees. Use dividers to separate the facial and massage areas if the party takes place at the office itself, so that people have some privacy. Another option is to turn unused cubicles into facial or massage areas. Fill the party space with gently scented candles, potted plants and small water fountain to help people de-stress.

Casino Theme

A more casual workplace setting might call for a casino-themed party. Transform the typical work area into a mini-casino by using work computers to play casino games, such as 75 Ball Bingo on Poker online. In addition to web-based games like 75 Ball Bingo Online, employees can play classic card games like poker and Black Jack. Decoration with strings of lights, playing cards on the walls, and dice scattered on the snacks table. One way to set the mood for the party is to play easy listening music, such as Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones. To keep spirits high and debt low, it’s a good idea to gamble with plastic chips or candy, instead of real money. The person with the most fake money at the end of the party can take home a real prize, such as a gift card.


A karaoke-themed party has the potential to be embarrassing for those who can’t sing well, but it’s a fun pick for smaller offices or workplaces where everyone gets along. A karaoke machine or DJ can be hired for the party, or the employees can rent a room at a karaoke bar for the evening. One way to make the party more memorable is to have staffers dress as their favorite pop or rock star. The party planner can give out prizes for the most creative costume, best dressed singer, and worst costume.

Awards Night

Take a tip from the famous and throw a red-carpet awards night gala for employees. The party can be held at a local banquet hall or at the office. Dress up the workspace by literally rolling out a red carpet and setting up velvet rope. Hire a photographer to take pictures of employees as they arrive. Staff should dress as formally as possible. The party planners or HR can create awards to distribute to employees who have gone above and beyond for the year. Awards might include Best Attendance, Most Helpful, and Best Attitude.

Office parties don’t have to be boring. When coming up with a theme, the person or team in charging of planning should think about the tastes and personalities of their co-workers. The best theme parties leave guests excited for the next one.